They say, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” 
Indeed, it was necessity that gave birth to ENDOCO, Inc, now known as Ultimate Dental. 

In 1969, Dr. Milton Siskin, Sr., a world-renowned endodontist, was having difficulty procuring some silver points used in his practice. While searching for that product, he discovered an opportunity to actually buy the equipment used to manufacture the silver points. With his usual determination, he traveled from Memphis, Tennessee, to St. Louis, Missouri, where he completed his purchase and joined with Young Dental in manufacturing the points. 

In addition to having his own private practice, Dr. Siskin also taught Endodontics for many years at the University Of Tennessee College Of Dentistry in Memphis. When many of his colleagues and former students learned that he had access to the silver points they also needed, he began receiving many requests for purchases. He had the supply, and there was the prerequisite demand.

Starting out as a literal kitchen industry, Dr. Siskin solicited the services of his family, including his mother-in-law. Working from their kitchen table, they would count the points, put them in vials and label them. Over the next few years, Dr. Siskin thought of a few other endodontic products that he might purchase and resell. 

By 1973, the requests for products required the services of a bookkeeper, a secretary and a packer to ship the growing number of orders. In June of that year, the company was incorporated. Since Dr. Siskin at that time was selling only inventory that was specific to the practice of endodontics, he used the nickname of his specialty, ENDO, and the contraction of the word “company” to form the name ENDOCO, Inc. To house his new enterprise, he leased spaced in the same building in which his practice was located. About the time that Dr. Milton Siskin’s older son, Dr. Milton Siskin, Jr., completed dental school and began a private practice, his younger son Greg began to realize his passion for the business side of the industry.

Through this father-son combination, the company continued to add product lines. With each addition, the company continued its growth. In 1979, the decision was made to become a full-line dental supply company. That decision resulted in phenomenal growth over the next few years. 

After having leased all available space in their old building, in 1986, the Siskin family built a 45,000 square foot building to accommodate their rapid growth. Although maintaining its endodontic roots, the company’s full-line of inventory created the inevitable need for more expansion, and in just a few years the need for more space was irrefutable.

Before the next move could be completed, however, the company’s founder, Dr. Milton Siskin, Sr., passed away in late 2006. In 2007, his son, Greg Siskin, was made President. Under his aggressive vision and leadership, two major changes were realized. First the company headquarters were moved into a beautiful facility in an industrial area with state-of-the art warehouse facilities. Then, in an effort to more firmly connect the company’s identity to its full-line of dental expendables, the company began to operate under the name of ULTIMATE DENTAL. 

In 2010, Greg created an outbound telemarketing sales department to join the tremendous team of salespeople who have represented this family-owned business for so many years in promising a place WHERE QUALITY MEETS ECONOMY.

In June 2022, Ultimate Dental was acquired by Safco Dental Supply, LLC. In August, Ultimate Dental acquired the Safco Brand line of products along with several other new manufacturing partners. In November, the Sales and Marketing departments moved to a new office in Cordova, Tennessee, and orders began shipping from Safco's warehouses in Buffalo Grove, Illinois and Sparks, Nevada.

Following a long career in dental sales, Greg Siskin officially retired in June 2023. Greg provided strategic leadership through the early days of the merger and valuable counsel to the board and staff. His employees thank him for his years of dedication to both them and Ultimate Dental.

Mission Statement

ULTIMATE DENTAL is committed to providing our customers the highest quality products and services at the most competitive pricing possible as well as giving value-driven assistance from the most knowledgeable and professionally trained staff in the industry.