Setting up a NEW account with Ultimate Dental is easy. We have several ways our customers can do this:


Click Sign In > New Customer and you will be prompted for information to create an account. You can create an account before or after you add products to your cart.  

By Phone

Call us at (800) 388-7868 Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm CT to talk with an Account Manager.

By Fax

Download and complete an Order Form. Fax your order toll-free to (866) 683-6679. If you include your email address on the order form you will be notified when your order ships along with a tracking number.

Already Have An Ultimate Dental Account?

Click Here to request your password be sent to your email address or call (800) 388-7868 to request your log-in information and password.  

    - Click Sign-In
    - Select New Customer (because you are a new online customer)
    - Click Identify Your Account (You will need your 7-digit account number and the zip code for your billing address).

Are Other Payment Terms Available?

All first-time online customers are required to pay by credit card. Ultimate Dental has several payment options available once your account has been established. 

  • Credit Card -- Pay your order via your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover and receive FREE SHIPPING.
  • Net30 – Pay your order plus shipping in 30 days. Print and complete the credit application. Return a signed copy by toll-free fax at (866) 683-6679 or email to establish Net30 terms.
  • C.O.D, Cash or Check – Pay upon receipt of your products.

Contact a member of our sales team at (800) 388-7868  if you have additional questions about payment options.

Why Should I Open an Account?

Once you create an account and place an order, you will have access to several features including:

  • Viewing your purchase history and current orders.
  • Reordering from your FAVORITES list that pulls from all inventory items in your history.
  • Viewing your bulk purchasing agreement prices while shopping. Bulk Purchasing Agreements are available from several manufacturers as well as our house brand line.
    Return a signed agreement to Ultimate Dental and the next time you sign in, you will receive these special prices.

Other Questions?

Please email for additional information and we will get back with you as soon as possible.